Friday, June 20, 2008

Now, the ramblings of an old man....

This from my friend and artist Fred Burkhart who turns 67 this Sunday. Inspiring words from a man of the earth. Too good to keep to myself. Had to share them with you:

"Recently I've gone to gazing into the sun, about a half hour a day now for the last six months, an ancient practice, safe one hour after sunrise or before sunset, when UV does not exist, as a means of recharging the battery and reducing my need for food, releasing energies to assist in consciousness building and conscious living. The Ancients long ago -- from both East and West -- realized that our energy comes from Breathing and the Sun, and from nothing else. Period. Modern science agrees -- more than 95% of all NUTRIENT required for our bodies comes from the sun and breathing. So why do we require 5% food to sustain us? Because this is what feeds our fears, expectations, apprehensions. Christ was wise enough to point out: "Be not anxious...I have food that ye know not of." But modern day inhabitants of this earth are too busy eating, drinking, drugging and tv-ing to appreciate a method that would reduce all flesh to a combined transparency through which the whole truth might surface.

When I say that I am getting old, it is only young people who tell me, "Ah, Burkhart, old age is all in your mind!" Ha ha... I wonder what these same youth will say in 40 or 50 years, when they too are old. But be assured, my concept of aging is refreshing, not deteriorating: We ALL are the age of this earth from which we are composed, be it a young earth of the religions or the several billions of years old model of the scientists. To realize that we are measured according to a space/time continuum, separated at birth by just few inches from everyone else -- we can still reach out and touch them! -- is to recognize that we are likewise only seconds apart. A relative situation, move closer, move apart, but always remain in the same space'time construct/illusion -- the same age. What I'm saying is we differ only in consciousness, only in our individual images we each carry around of who we are -- our age is always consistent with our earth. I repeat: we are all the precise age of the earth we inhabit. Only a fool would try to argue with eternity or infinity."
---- Fred Burkhart

Happy Birthday Fred

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