Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I wanted to say how much I loved "The Ascension of Carlotta"! The entire experience was one that I have shared with my neighbors in hopes that they will enjoy our new Theater as well. Everyone involved with the show should be applauded.
--- Kenneth, subscriber

My mom went to see your PLAY this past weekend and she is RAVING about it how wonderful it is to anyone who will to mom is a hard to impress...artist...congrats!
--- Rich


Hi, Ann . . .
I read the article in today's Tribune and was so excited and happy for you, the actives at the theater, and Berwyn!
Thank you for making such a wonderful contribution to our community!
My friends and I are so looking forward to seeing the play on Saturday!
--- Mary, subscriber

Kathy and I went last night and had a great time! This is a great opportunity for Berwyn!!!! Try it you will like it!!!
--- Mayor Michael O'Connor, subscriber

Congratulations on the great press (again!) on the show and for 16th Street! The show was really wonderful last night; the cast was spot-on. I enjoyed each performance immensely. The writing was particularly sharp and smart...funny, without being over-the-top. I found the story touching and each character had real depth.

I'm amazed at the economy of the set design. It's impressive how much you have going on in this show, but the stage never comes across as crowded, considering the amount of physical space there is. Kudos all around.
--- Maggie, subscriber

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Anonymous said...

The use of the space was literaly amazing. I wondered how that many scenes could be mounted on such a small stage. Kudos to the set designer and stage crew for their fast footwork.