Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baboon Island

Sunday we went to the zoo. "Alice" and "Tammy" rehearsed amongst the baboons. Not a frisky one in site though. Passerbys got to see more than animals in captivity: they got to witness the human actor.

Below Desmin as Romeo and Janna as Alice talk though their scene that takes place at Proksa Park.

Susan Hahn on Poetry as Theater

In preparation for 16th Street's event on Thurs April 3 with Illinois' Poet Laureate Kevin Stein, the artists and myself have been conversing about what IS poetry as theater. Here is what Susan Hahn author of The Scarlet Ibis, had to say about our exploration into staging her book of poems at last year's Estrogen Fest and at the Rhino Fest...

"Having my book of poems come to life on stage last year, directed by Ann and performed by these most talented actors, was extraordinary. I hope that all poets can experience the transformation of their language to theater at least once.The process more than redoubles creative inventiveness and reveals the multifaceted, precise ways in which words, when coupled with presentation, can entertain, deeply move, and enlighten."