Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Go Go for 16th Street!

The company I used to work for, Vertical Incorporated in Wicker Park, devised this little fun game to raise some money for local organizations including 16th Street! At the same time, turning people on to their business.

Will you play a game and allocate some points to 16th Street and/or any other organization you dig? Link is below. I just played and I am so stupid about these things it took me the whole game to figure out how to play it. I still don't really know. Anyway I wouldn't be bugging for some multi-national, but Vertical is a small company full of good-hearted people I really love. So I pass on to you. Go go Santa!

Ann Filmer

Here's how it works:
Go Go Santa is a free-to-play game designed by Vertical to help people relieve holiday stress. We launched our first game in 2009. The 2010 version of Go-Go-Santa goes a little further, giving players an opportunity to allocate Vertical’s end-of-year contributions to one of five organizations.

At the end of the game, Go-Go-Santa players will be asked to allocate their points to one, two or more of the organizations. Vertical is limited to making $5,000 in holiday contributions for 2010. It will give a minimum of $250 to each of the five organizations. The remaining $3,750 will be divided among the five organizations based on the number of points each organization earns from Go-Go-Santa game players. Players have until December 28 to allocate points to the organizations. In addition, each organization will have the opportunity to link its donor page to Go-Go-Santa to allow players to make direct contributions.

Have fun with the game and enjoy the holidays!


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