Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kirsten's MENORCA blog.... writing from MENORCA!

Actress Kirsten D'Aurelio has just began an amazing adventure. In preparation for her role as Ollie in Robert Koon's MENORCA (beginning Sept 9) she has traveled to Spain. She will be sending us her journal and we will be posting them here. Here is Number 1. Enjoy!

"Got to Menorca easily and safely.Last night went to a minor fiesta for St.Christopher in Es Mijorn Gran and met Lana, who is one of the people in charge of the Ecomuseum. We got to stroll the cobblestone streets covered in palm leaves, eat some traditional baked goods (including the popular ensaimada!) and got our first sampling of Menorca gin (excellent--sweet tasting)in Britain´s legacy to Menorca: pomade (gin and lemonade.) Been navigating the maddening streets of Ciutadella, with me driving a stick shift for the first time in 15 years! Lots of Catalan spoken here and even on the international flight, where safety instructions were given in English, Catalan and Castillian Spanish.

So I'm hot on the trail of Ollie´s many languages. To get along,though, been hauling out some of my French and even Italian sometimes to cover my lack ofCatalan, but of course the most successful interactions are happening in the universal language of pointing and pantomime...

Today we visit several archeological ruins. Tonight we find a bar to watch the World Cup with the very excited locals, who have even shortened their time at the archaeological dig today so they can watch the match. The adventure has begun!"

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Johnnnymac66 said...

Dear Kirsten--I'm thrilled to tell you that I'll be in Koon's playwriting workshop Sat 8/28 and am looking forward to meeting you! I'm a neighbor of Ann Filmer's and can't wait to see you all work together to bring this play alive.
All the best--
John McCarthy