Monday, July 19, 2010

corrections for Chris Jones

Some corrections to Chris Jones review of THIS TRAIN

Dear Chris,

John Rice is the guitar player, the music director and the one who wrote (along with Kat) the music for the song poems that Kat sings.

John did not have his back to the audience the whole time.

That man playing the harmonica was Buzz Kilman as the Hobo Ghost. You could also think of him as Mr Fowler.

The lyrics for those song poems are from Tony's Hobo Alphabet Series of collages. A collage was projected after a story (they go together) while Kat gives voice to the poem within the work of art. Video artist Kristin Reeves focuses our attention onto the detail of Tony's art so we can see the hobo alphabet symbols, poetry, details and objects within his collages. Then she shows the collage in its entirety.

THIS TRAIN was not found. It was deliberately and specifically crafted to give the audience a deeper look and understanding into Tony's work as an artist and a storyteller, along with his day-to-day struggles and shortcomings as a human being who lives, works and participates in our great and complicated city of Chicago.

more later

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