Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The arts impact our lives. Sing it loud! Sing it proud!

Today is Arts Advocacy Day. I had to repost the letter below written by actor Gary Houston sent to his representatives. He has a way with words. Most of us do not speak so eloquently, yet we must add our voice to the dialogue. If we do not, then who will? The arts feed our souls and make us more engaged citizens. It is necessary and vital for the good of our society. And now, I turn it over to Gary:

"On April 13, 2010, Arts advocates from across the country spread out over
Capitol Hill to urge Congress to support the arts and arts education.
While I could not be in Washington, I stand by my fellow arts supporters
in asking you to support the following:

The arts provide an essential service to public life. They are the brick
and mortar with which we sustain our morality, our sense of balance
between what is true and what is illusory and between what is and is not
of value. Some believe you cannot defend the role of the arts in society
to a stubborn utilitarian because their value is intrinsic and not of
immediately visible utility. Yet each of us is a personal witness to the
influence of one or more of the arts upon our individual lives, influences
that led us to better mindsets with which to make important decisions than
we otherwise would have had. This is utility of the personal rather than
the recorded sort, but it is utility all the same. And it is vast in its
impact upon our neighborhoods, towns, cities, states and country."

Gary Houston

And now it's your turn. Go here to nudge your representatives:

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