Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thoughts on Home

We are only into our second show in our Season Three 2010: What is Home? but I am already hearing such lovely musings on home from our audience members. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Keep them coming.
This below from 100 Club member, Rich Faron:

"We were very moved by the play. Afterwards I kept thinking about your theme of 'Home' and one thing that 'Tour' helped to render are the many facets of 'home'. There is the reality of the home that continues to be in real-time but there also exists the home of our memories, the memories of others who have shared our home with us and perhaps most importantly the way that all of that can be suddenly altered when we eventually return home. And for that reason I'd like to shout-out a 'Bravo' for the staging which allowed all of the characters to remain in the scene while the play moved from one scenario to another. Each scene whether 'live' or not... reinforced for me that 'Home' is not something that can be defined in any singular fashion."

Thanks for the dialogue.

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