Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fitzpatrick... Fitzgerald... it's only a name

Thanks Nina Metz and Tribune for coming and covering Tony Fitzpatrick's THIS TRAIN at 16th Street Theater. Always appreciate the attention and coverage.

"For some reason Fitzgerald never bothers to explain what the symbols mean. It's a baffling omission that robs the images — of crossed arrows and entwined circles — of their context and power. It's a small yet vital shard of unfinished business."

To Nina: Tony says you and Tribune owe him at LEAST half a star for fu*king up his name in the final paragraph. Hopefully by the time I post this blog Tribune will have corrected the error.

To reader: I also sent Nina, who I really like by the way and who has always made it out to our little Berwyn theater, an email correcting her on another point:

Tony explains three symbols in the show:
"This one is symbol for 'This Town is hostile' " he says as he points to his projected collage before Sally Timms sings.

He also names the hobo symbols tattooed on his arms: "This one means Don't give up. This one means Get out fast. Each morning I look at both and decide which is the most prudent action to take"

So, Nina, I take your bafflement and raise you.

I would love to dialogue more about the show with you, Nina, and others. I love to hear what people get or don't get out of the show, especially with a new work.

Thanks for the dialogue.

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