Thursday, October 30, 2008

What audience members said about KITA

Thanks to our audiences for sharing their thoughts on KITA Y FERNANDA. It means so much to us to hear from you!

"We all enjoyed the show immensely. Both my girlfriends speak Spanish and really appreciated seeing a show that they both could relate to in such a personal way. They recognized songs and personal echos from their own pasts.

I especially liked the fact that it was centered around that amazing rally in downtown Chicago. I remember that day so vividly. Maria was working across the street at LaSalle bank that day and she totally blew off her job and got swept away in the crowds and the passion of that day! She will never forget the feeling either. I wish she had seen the show."
-- Marilyn

"Ann, Congrats on Kita y Fernanda! Well done. I enjoyed the show very much. The whole production touched me and left me with a wonderful warm feeling inside. Thanks!"
-- Ivan

"Funny story: On the drive home, Matthew was talking about how all of the actors deserved Jeff nominations. Without playing favorites, I said I was particularly impressed by the two women who played double characters. Matthew said, "OK, I know that the actress who played Fernanda's mom also played Kita's tough friend... but who played the "Valley Girl" friend?" And I said, "The same woman who played Kita's mom."

"What?!" he shouted, eyes bugging out and hair on end. (Seriously, his hair stood up.) "No way!"

I laughed...

Kudos to all of you."
-- David

"Hi Ann,

Mark and I both very much enjoyed the show. We discussed it the entire walk home.

I thought the play was well written. The playwright commented after the show what a great job you did as director. I hadn't considered how much a director shapes a performance. (What about a question/answer/discussion some time before or after a play?) Mark and I both thought the actors were all great, and I was amazed how the "mothers" played the friends with such skill. Some friends of ours, also in attendance last night, didn't even realize they were the same actresses. Lastly, even though I don't speak Spanish most of the time I could pick up on the emotion and a lot of the story during the "Spanish-only" moments. When a few audience members responded to the Spanish-only moments I felt disappointed I didn't know what was being said. I so admire - and am envious of - those who are multi-lingual.

Thanks, Ann. I hope your first year was a success. We plan to get subscription passes for next year."
-- Sara

Kita y Fernanada is a perfect ending to a great inaugural season. We enjoyed the show thoroughly last night in so many ways. And the acting was stellar. Wow! Congratulations!"


"Seriously, Ann. I've always admired your work but hadn't been able to see much of it for a while. Kita was just wonderful. Yes, you did have some fabulous actors with whom to work, but your wonderful work was evident and on display, as well. I've been seeing a lot of shows lately in prep for leaving town and although some of them have been good, yours was the one that restored my faith and reminded me why I LOVE theatre so much. And the friends I brought along agree whole-heartedly."
-- Adrianne

"Dear Ann,

Just wanted to let you know my wife and I attended Kita Y Fernanda and once again we were very impressed. I think what I liked most was that the two characters don’t reconnect in the end—that no matter how much we are tempted to want it, they don’t come together, they don’t face each other. In my own experience, it is always so hard when you can’t give the audience what they want, when you have to deny them that happy ending, because the world of the play itself denies it. I felt so sad and yet so satisfied by the ending, because it was utterly courageous in sticking to the truth of the play.

Congratulations on a successful first season, and thanks for bringing theatre into the neighborhood."


"KITA Y FERNANDA is really lovely. I was very engaged and moved."
-- Russ

"Dear Ann,
Harlan and I are bursting with pride for all you have done at 16th Street. We not only loved KITA Y FERNANDA and your direction last night, but you have started a new equity theater in an area that will now easily have access to local theater."


Thanks for your note! I just knew it would be a hit!!
My friends and I enjoyed the show so very much! The acting was awesome and so realistic, and the story so heartfelt.

You are a very gifted director. Thank you for the wonderful season of plays and for bringing your art to Berwyn! You've enhanced our lives! Looking forward to seeing next year's plays!"


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