Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Audience responds to SAINTHOOD and CARLOTTA

Dear Ms Filmer,
I was so moved by Arlene Malinowski's Aiming for Sainthood. It was a beautiful piece of writing and the acting was astonishing. I don't gush, but this show left me speechless. Her story, her energy, her honesty was amazing. I will enjoy coming back to 16th Street Theater. Great job by everyone!!

Dear Ann,
Another great evening at 16th Street. A terrific show. Our friends were knocked out by the theater, the show, Arlene, and of course, you. They'll definitely be back.


I just wanted you to know how terrific I thought the play "Aiming for
Sainthood" was!!!
Arlene Malinowski's story and acting is awesome!


Dear Ms. Filmer,

I just wanted to say how much I loved your recent production of Will Dunne’s “The Ascension of Carlotta.” I was talking with my good friend Arlene (Malinowski), and she asked me if I had shared my appreciation with you. I told her that I had wanted to Saturday night but that my courage faltered. Arlene’s mantra—and I love her for this—is that artists love to have their work appreciated by other artists, so I am taking her advice.

I live just down the street on Harlem, and it is nice to finally have a theater in my back yard. And as a working-class boy myself, it was so refreshing to go to a theater dedicated to this kind of work. I had thought that this voice had all but been silenced. (Maybe I am going to the wrong theatres.) Will Dunne’s play presented a range of working-class experiences rather than just presenting a monolithic picture of that experience. It is an insider’s view; I am sure of it. When Romeo—what a great character!—accuses Carlotta of stealing his dream—however small—I felt as if Will Dunne truly knew what he was about. More than anything, I feel, this is the way of things for the children of the working class.

All I wanted to say was, I hope to introduce myself at the next show. I wouldn’t miss Arlene’s show for the world. She also mentioned that you might need people to help out for your summer programming. If you have need of me for anything, please don’t hesitate to write.


Carlo Matos

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