Saturday, March 1, 2008

Arlene's play

Today I had the pleasure of seeing a reading of Arlene's Aiming for Sainthood which 16th Street is producing this summer (starting July 10). The reading was at Chicago Dramatists and Oh, you are in for a treat. Seriously. Only Arlene's first draft and she is already giving a performance so touching, funny, beautiful and transformative. I don't want to give any details away right now, but again let me just say, you are in for something special this summer.

Wow - two excellent readings in just one week. And our third playwright-in-residence Tanya Saracho is hardly out of the picture. In fact, it was on her set that Arlene performed today. Tanya directs Teatro Luna's next show Solo Tu beginning tonight at Chicago Dramatists.

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